I never knew…


I didn’t know this little booklet would be the start of my many adventures. For the longest time, I have always talked about getting my passport, but I never put anything into action. Over the summer, I had attended a week-long program of building leadership skills, called LeaderShape. Because I am so terrified of public speaking, I had to introduced one of the few guest speakers. While talking with this lady, we made a promise that we would both get out passport. I definitely upheld my promise, I want to know if she ever gotten hers. I was initially writing to talk about my journey, but I would like to say, don’t let fears stop you from doing things that you have always wanted to accomplish. I’ve never thought that I would have travel out of the country; I know that I was only in Spain for a week, but that doesn’t change the experience that I’ve gained. I picked up on so many things. I’ve learned to appreciate the closeness that, we, Americans, have. Over there, individualism is some thing serious. I didn’t see no type of trend, everyone dressed their own way. I’ve never appreciated “excuse me” so much because they don’t use it often. Man, the way people just stare at you and not say anything, I’ve never felt so uncomfortable. I was actually getting upset because someone was just staring at me, without saying anything. My passport allowed me to experience these things. I can actually say I have been out of the country. I had contemplated about getting my passport and even going to Spain, but I’m so happy that I did and can’t wait to take more trips and experience the wold.

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” ~Les Brown








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