When I step on your evergreen land


    Africa have always been a place a wanted to visit, not only because some of my family resides there, but I believe it is a part of me. To hear my cousins say when they get their degree, they are leaving and going back home. This makes me think of the lifestyle there. When we think about the lovely Africa, images of starving children with bloating stomachs quickly floods our head. We don’t get to the see the real deal, only the bad parts. Imagine seeing all the beautiful parts, I know people will fall in love. 

     My desire to go to Africa have grown stronger because my aunt passed away, and I didn’t even get to meet her. Some of us have family all over, we do not get to communicate with them fully. I have cousin that I know of, but have not met. And because my family is so big, I would like to meet each and everyone of them. I am so glad that I have my passport because I really would like to travel the world; I have the keys in my hands, I just to see when and where I can go. I love the United States, but there is more to see beyond these 50 states, which I’m sure is beautiful to most.

I guess I will see mother Africa soon when everything falls in place.


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