Just keep going


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The semester is coming to a close, and I would like to reflect a little…

I have always been fascinated by Spanish. I took two years in high school and I am taking some Spanish classes, now in college. What drew me to Spanish was the fact that I could write and understand the grammar so easily, much better than English. It has actually help me learn English way much better. This semester has challenged me so much because I have to speak the language. I am taking Spanish conversation and another upper level Spanish class. I would like to do anything rather than speaking because I tend to make so many mistakes. I can read but not in Spanish, and I always say something wrong. I would like speak like the natives and the more advance students in my class, but I know I have to take some time. But I can say, I have improve tremendously; I can understand more than I ever have. And I can say that I enjoy speaking Spanish with one of my Spanish professors, she makes me feel so comfortable when talking to her. I would like to thank you greatly and many others for working with me.

Don’t you just like when there are those professors that makes you want to come to class and go that extra mile?

Because I’m about to enter into my major courses, which will greatly consume my life, I will not be able to take more Spanish classes. But I will be utilizing my Spanish with some awesome Spanish speakers, that I know.

I’m always hard on myself because I always make mistakes over and over. Yes, I catch myself doing it, but I guess I am learning and can’t be too hard on myself because we all make mistake and are constantly learning.

I have came a long way and will continue. I can’t give up because it’s hard.

To conclude this reflection, I would like to say: When the going gets though, just keep going because every day is a day for you to improve and become a better person. Don’t worry about how hard something is, because everything isn’t easy. Just keep trying because soon you will see you were and where you are now.



8 thoughts on “Just keep going

  1. Wow! Congrats for your speaking in Spanish Julie…I love Spanish language,too…some of our native language here are rooted from Spanish words, when our country was still a colony of Spain…Anyhow, in my case I would love to study and learn Japanese…I pray hope I can attend some Japanese class….


      • My native language is “Bisaya” a vernacular here…I speak Tagalog (I’m a Filipina! ahaha) And well…I speak and write well in English. I know just a little of Japanese and Spanish (some of our words are rooted from Spanish, like, we have here “singko” which is derived from Spanish word “cinco” which means “five peso” in English..so forth…) Haha!


      • nyahahahhaha! I hope so…Actually I joined an online Spanish tutorial yesterday. But I don’t know how long I can keep it up since I’m still quite busy with other things. Maybe when I finish my college, then I will focus on learning Spanish and Japanese…haha! Learning new language is like learning or having a new skill, agree? haha.


  2. But at least you’re improving, right?! hhahaha… Just think on the bright side, I know you will improve more…Just keep your lessons up, you are privileged to be able to attend a Spanish class.


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