Dear nursing student

Today is almost the end of a continous chapter. Look back to see how far you came, not how much further you have to go? Can you imagine all the knowledge you have gained in so little time, and you continue to proceed forward. I know there has been many tears, but you have managed to gain a smile here and there. Although most of the time you seek elsewhere for comfort, I still hear the hunger in your voice; I still see the hunger in your work ethics. How can you cry and turn around and have so much positive and joyous things to say? I am glad that you have made other options, because you never know the outcome of tomorrow will be.

Can I take the time to tell you just how much you make me feel at ease? You make the hardest time seem so peaceful. You get an earful of my many fustration, but I don’t see any attitude or you treating me differently? Just remember the first direction may not work, if this is for you, another opportunity will arise. When the elevator is broken, you can always use the stairs.

Thanks in advance,


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