How BIG is your faith?

Buenos días (good morning) You!

I don’t talk a lot about my faith because I know everyone believes differently, which is totally understandable, and I do respect dearly.

Have you ever had days where your faith seemed so big, and others where your faith seemed so small; you didn’t know what to do? I’m not talking about faith because today is Sunday, and people usually give this day to Him. I’m going to keep this very simple because I know this can apply to all of us, including I, regardless whoever we choose to have faith in:

Don’t loose faith because your road seems to constantly change when everything is going right, at a certain moment. Don’t loose faith when you are trying to stretch your last meal because don’t know where the next is coming from. Don’t loose faith when you suddenly have to change careers or major after investing so many time in one and don’t know when you are going to graduate or be at the level you were. See, what I am saying is when you tend to loose faith is the time when you have to start walking by faith. Don’t question anything, just do what you know how to do and things will work out. I can’t promise this to be a guarantee because I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but just as small as a mustard seed is, we can start with this much faith and watch how much our faith expands.

Be loving, but don’t forget to love yourself too.

Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for taking the time to read this and others.

A new beginning, a different chapter

Hey you!

I started another semester today and I forgot how it felt to take “normal” classes. I was able to take a nap again. I didn’t have to set an alarm to get up and go study; I just slept until I wanted to get up, which was awesome.

Reality set in when I had my Spanish classes, and my professor spoke mainly Spanish. I don’t speak fluently, so most of the time I get lost trying to translate in my head while trying to listen. But I know this semester I will gain some new vocabulary and will be able to express myself more. I’m excited because I’m doing my second option. I have to emerge myself in this language in order for me to be really fluent. And I’m going to be writing more, so I will be a little stronger with my grammar skills. I’m excited but nervous, not because I have to work hard, but because I have to play catch up.

My other classes seemed okay. I think I am going to like my them. I don’t think it’s going to be too though for me, but I always accept a challenge anyways.

Just wanted to give you a quick update.

Challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone, you never know what you might discover. A new page is always being written.

What’s your FEAR flavored?

Hey you!

I’ve tasted one of my fear flavors and I didn’t like it one bit. Mine was failure or what I thought was failure. It definitely tasted bitter, gritty, and bland, like I didn’t take the time to prepare it and didn’t season it well enough. But I’m glad I got a taste of it because I know how to prepare it next time. I’m going to take my time put all the right ingredients, make sure it has the right texture, so I will enjoy it. But doesn’t that sound like the taste of success?

I mean failure can have some sweet tasting parts in it even though it isn’t because you went through something that gain you a lesson. Look at all the sweet things you’ve learn, that wouldn’t have tasted so good if you didn’t go through what you went through.

When you get so full off of failure or any other flavors, it’s time to take the stairs. Success is in your reach, just keep moving you up the stairs. You might have to walk down the stairs sometimes, but don’t forget to turn around and walk back up.

Thank you to Dave Kerpen and Scott Steinberg on LinkedIn for giving me this idea.

Make a difference today that will help tomorrow.
Help someone today

Slow Writing by Chris Galvin

Love, love, love!… Didn’t need the yeast, just time.

QWF Writes

Chris bakes muffins too

Like bread dough, my writing seems to require time to rise in a warm, draft-free place. The long proofing period is necessary; turn up the heat to hurry the rising, or don’t leave it long enough, and I get a stodgy, dense loaf.

Under ideal conditions—solitude, free time and excitement about what I’m writing—the words pour forth quickly. It’s exhilarating. But normally, I write when I can. I like to have control over an essay or story as it forms, and I edit as I write, considering each sentence as I put it to paper—does it say what I want it to say, or does it imply something else? I read what I’ve written aloud—does it have the right rhythm? Is my translation of Vietnamese dialogue as true to the original as possible? Does it sound natural?

The second proofing of the dough is as important as the first. Even…

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Life gave me lemons, but I’m making tea

Hey you!

I haven’t been making lemonade with the lemons that I have been given. I say this because in life things are always different from what you “expect” it to be. And
I say “we” because we (you and I) go through life thinking of this perfect plan only for it to not work out in reality. With the lemons i’ve been given, somehow, somewhere tea is forming. Yes, tea. So I’ve finally got some classes for the Spring, and I am taking 2 physical education classes, upper level at that, along with 2 Spanish, and 1 health promotion class. Here is my tea because my lemons that was suppose to make some lip licking lemonade didn’t work. Now,I have tea, which I will make very good and drink every drop. I’m nervous about life because things work out, then things change. I’m adapting outwardly, but inwardly is still adjusting.

Life isn’t always going to be picture perfect, and if it is for you, I would love to listen. My tea is looking good, but I do enjoy drinking lemonade. I have to tell myself that things are sometimes unexplainable, which is absolutely fine. This is for you and I, don’t give up because your expectations wasn’t was it was.

Something beautiful is waiting to be created, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Do something different and make someone smile.

Saying no

Happy new year to you. I hope this year brings unexpected adventures, in a good way… Do you constantly say yes, knowing that you are actually saying “no” in your head? I have been working constantly, even on my days off. I don’t get to work frequently because of school, I try to get as much hours as I can when I’m home. And sometimes it’s hard for me to say no when staff is short, and someone is needed. I know how it felt to work when we are short and work had to keep going because we had mouth to feeds…

Don’t be afraid to say no because your body has to rest too. Often times, when you let your mental state controls your physical state, which isn’t balance, things start to go wrong. So if your aren’t the person to say no, try to say no more. It’s good to keep yourself in control and have some “me” time. My phone rang this morning, but I had to let it ring because I need a day to breathe and let my feet rest. When I let my phone ring that was me saying no, but you can say no to people in your life too. Not because it is a new year and everyone wants a new start, I’m saying you should say no because it will make you feel good, just try it and let me know how you felt.

Side notes: I’m going to try writing more. I know my blogs is not on a consistent topic, but if I write more, I think I can become a better writer, which is my goal. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and bless week.