Saying no

Happy new year to you. I hope this year brings unexpected adventures, in a good way… Do you constantly say yes, knowing that you are actually saying “no” in your head? I have been working constantly, even on my days off. I don’t get to work frequently because of school, I try to get as much hours as I can when I’m home. And sometimes it’s hard for me to say no when staff is short, and someone is needed. I know how it felt to work when we are short and work had to keep going because we had mouth to feeds…

Don’t be afraid to say no because your body has to rest too. Often times, when you let your mental state controls your physical state, which isn’t balance, things start to go wrong. So if your aren’t the person to say no, try to say no more. It’s good to keep yourself in control and have some “me” time. My phone rang this morning, but I had to let it ring because I need a day to breathe and let my feet rest. When I let my phone ring that was me saying no, but you can say no to people in your life too. Not because it is a new year and everyone wants a new start, I’m saying you should say no because it will make you feel good, just try it and let me know how you felt.

Side notes: I’m going to try writing more. I know my blogs is not on a consistent topic, but if I write more, I think I can become a better writer, which is my goal. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and bless week.


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