Life gave me lemons, but I’m making tea

Hey you!

I haven’t been making lemonade with the lemons that I have been given. I say this because in life things are always different from what you “expect” it to be. And
I say “we” because we (you and I) go through life thinking of this perfect plan only for it to not work out in reality. With the lemons i’ve been given, somehow, somewhere tea is forming. Yes, tea. So I’ve finally got some classes for the Spring, and I am taking 2 physical education classes, upper level at that, along with 2 Spanish, and 1 health promotion class. Here is my tea because my lemons that was suppose to make some lip licking lemonade didn’t work. Now,I have tea, which I will make very good and drink every drop. I’m nervous about life because things work out, then things change. I’m adapting outwardly, but inwardly is still adjusting.

Life isn’t always going to be picture perfect, and if it is for you, I would love to listen. My tea is looking good, but I do enjoy drinking lemonade. I have to tell myself that things are sometimes unexplainable, which is absolutely fine. This is for you and I, don’t give up because your expectations wasn’t was it was.

Something beautiful is waiting to be created, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Do something different and make someone smile.


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