What’s your FEAR flavored?

Hey you!

I’ve tasted one of my fear flavors and I didn’t like it one bit. Mine was failure or what I thought was failure. It definitely tasted bitter, gritty, and bland, like I didn’t take the time to prepare it and didn’t season it well enough. But I’m glad I got a taste of it because I know how to prepare it next time. I’m going to take my time put all the right ingredients, make sure it has the right texture, so I will enjoy it. But doesn’t that sound like the taste of success?

I mean failure can have some sweet tasting parts in it even though it isn’t because you went through something that gain you a lesson. Look at all the sweet things you’ve learn, that wouldn’t have tasted so good if you didn’t go through what you went through.

When you get so full off of failure or any other flavors, it’s time to take the stairs. Success is in your reach, just keep moving you up the stairs. You might have to walk down the stairs sometimes, but don’t forget to turn around and walk back up.

Thank you to Dave Kerpen and Scott Steinberg on LinkedIn for giving me this idea.

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