A new beginning, a different chapter

Hey you!

I started another semester today and I forgot how it felt to take “normal” classes. I was able to take a nap again. I didn’t have to set an alarm to get up and go study; I just slept until I wanted to get up, which was awesome.

Reality set in when I had my Spanish classes, and my professor spoke mainly Spanish. I don’t speak fluently, so most of the time I get lost trying to translate in my head while trying to listen. But I know this semester I will gain some new vocabulary and will be able to express myself more. I’m excited because I’m doing my second option. I have to emerge myself in this language in order for me to be really fluent. And I’m going to be writing more, so I will be a little stronger with my grammar skills. I’m excited but nervous, not because I have to work hard, but because I have to play catch up.

My other classes seemed okay. I think I am going to like my them. I don’t think it’s going to be too though for me, but I always accept a challenge anyways.

Just wanted to give you a quick update.

Challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone, you never know what you might discover. A new page is always being written.


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