How BIG is your faith?

Buenos días (good morning) You!

I don’t talk a lot about my faith because I know everyone believes differently, which is totally understandable, and I do respect dearly.

Have you ever had days where your faith seemed so big, and others where your faith seemed so small; you didn’t know what to do? I’m not talking about faith because today is Sunday, and people usually give this day to Him. I’m going to keep this very simple because I know this can apply to all of us, including I, regardless whoever we choose to have faith in:

Don’t loose faith because your road seems to constantly change when everything is going right, at a certain moment. Don’t loose faith when you are trying to stretch your last meal because don’t know where the next is coming from. Don’t loose faith when you suddenly have to change careers or major after investing so many time in one and don’t know when you are going to graduate or be at the level you were. See, what I am saying is when you tend to loose faith is the time when you have to start walking by faith. Don’t question anything, just do what you know how to do and things will work out. I can’t promise this to be a guarantee because I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but just as small as a mustard seed is, we can start with this much faith and watch how much our faith expands.

Be loving, but don’t forget to love yourself too.

Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for taking the time to read this and others.


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