And they fell

Hey you!

Towards the wee hours of the morning, the tears fell. I don’t know why or how. Sometimes I sing in order to express my feelings, but I guess I needed to release some sadness and pain. It’s difficult wanting to do right but everything wrong at the same time. I just want to live a little more.

I feel like when I need you the most you are drifting away. I know life gets the best of us, but I’m still here. When I try to be understanding you tighten your hold, which is easy for you because I know I’m forgiving. It’s not fair that you have faded, but I’m still here. Going through the emotions are easy until you finally start to endure the mental and physical pain. It’s hard, but every day I take another step forward. I look back at me then, how I was greatly depressed and sad.

Things can slowly progress if you allow positive thoughts to encounter your mind. Sadness and pain is never easy, but just take a little inch forward, and it will make a major difference.


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