Oh Mother

My heart is empty

My heart is hurting

My smile isn’t full,

it isn’t as bright.

The memories of your life still remains,

Dancing in the winds.

The works and pain of your labor hasn’t gone in vain.

Your smile tells a story of the many tears ¬†you’ve shed and sacrifices you’ve made.

We are young adults, but your presence is still needed, day in and day out

I’m now a motherless daughter, depending on my earthly and Heavenly Father

Some things we take for granted, but I cherish your time, laughter, and aspiration

The healing has started but at a slow pace, some days are better than others.

My heart, you left without saying your final words.

You’re still beating but without a sound.

My nights are lonely and sometimes quiet,

but you’re resting in His arms and your new found home.

I hope you kiss your siblings, embracing them with warm hugs. Don’t forget to tell grandma¬†and grandpa I said hi.

If I could kiss you one more time, I certainly will. A hug, a smile. But until we meet again, I will remember your never forgettable smile.