A letter to my younger self

Hey Julia,

If you are reading this, I want you to know that life is not going to go as expected, but you will certainly adapt accordingly. You will work hard early on and continue to work hard until you are in the right place at the right time. You might be hesitant about some things in your life, but you will eventually become a person who will jump at opportunities on impose because you will know the more you think about something, the more you won’t do it.  However, there will be friendships where you will want to hold on as long as possible but those will eventually fade. You will learn to be strong in your most vulnerable state, always caring for others. Throughout the years, many people will come into your life, whether for a season or a reason and you will love them just for that. You will learn to appreciate life for what it is and not sweat the small stuff (this might take a long time to grasp). You will learn to eventually become carefree and free spirited. One day you will go off to school in a small town. You will fail, cry, but pick yourself back up again. It might take you a little longer to graduate, but you won’t let that stop you. During these years, you will meet some awesome people, travel many places, and fall in love with giving back. You will take risks (not too many). There will be a period in time where you will learn to love yourself, for all the flaws that you hated when you were growing up. People will love and value you for just the way you are. When you graduate from college, you will not obtained the degree you really want, but you will graduate with two. You will work the jobs you will be working. taking necessary classes in order to help you grow. You will be a dependable person in several people’s lives. You will have a way with money. You will have a gift of speaking positivity into others. You will encounter several different guys, which some will become good friends in the end. You will learn that keeping up with people is very important to you and try to stay connected with many. You will be a lover of music and signing. It will seem like work will consume your life for a little bit, but you will find a balance, don’t worry. There will be a significant loss in your life; you will take this hard but you will find a way to continue on. Later on in life, you will learn to take risks and trust the process. You will be a blessing in someone’s life. You will simply love you.


24 years old Julie.


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