Do all the things that scares you!

Hey you!

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If I wasn’t who I was, I wouldn’t be who I am.

Life takes us out of wack, just to bring us back in focus… At the beginning of the year, I wrote down everything I wanted to accomplish in 2017 on a note card. I’m not a structured person (I’m hoping the write a post about the title of my blog, which I have a meaning behind it), where I have a calendar, to do- list, or have a ritual that have to be accomplish before I begin my day. But I wanted to see what will happen if I just did something differently. As I look at this note card, I checked off four of the six things I wrote down.

Here is a snapshot of what I wrote:

  • Become a notary
  • Become a CNA II (certified nursing assistant)
  • Become a phlebotomist
  • Apply to Nursing school
  • Save as much as you can
  • Pay yourself first.

The last two things I wrote because I had seen an interview of Lisa Nichols, a very remarkable lady, towards the end of 2016 of how she was able to save. During the interview she mentioned the importance of paying yourself first. I never understand this concept because I worked for what I had and I considered myself to manage money well. But the importance of paying yourself first decreases the means of living paycheck to paycheck. She suggested each time you get pay, pay yourself between 10% and 20% of your salary. This doesn’t mean to save this percentage after you have spent whatever you have spent because you might have this percentage to save. But I can say this has been working for me because I am allowed me to save as much as I can.

Becoming a notary was never in my vision but I wanted to be one just in case family and friends needed one. I hasn’t made me less of a person, so I said why not and it will help me professionally. I wanted to become a CNA II and phlebotomist to help me with nursing school.

All of these things scared me because I didn’t know if I was going to be accomplish this. Without knowing, I am able to accomplish this one step of the way. I wasn’t always consistent. I registered for CNA II class in March and just now taking it in July.

Everything that scares you is meant to be accomplished. You can be stagnant, but just don’t get too comfortable. You will never know something if you don’t try.



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