Delivery: The Price Tag

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Is there a price for what you decide to do?

One time in our lives, we are told to go to school and get a degree. But we don’t think about the aftermath, the consequences, or the benefits of this?  One way of thinking about these three things are this:

The aftermath

You are more knowledgeable than when you first began college a few years ago. You take many classes, some are for your required major and some are just for fun. You become more wiser because you study or new skills that probably won’t help you now but later down the road. You eventually become an asset to the company you work for and more.  You have something with your name attached to it and you’re more marketable in a sense than a person who knows something but don’t have the credentials to back them up. You have an experience that some don’t have, going to parties on Thursday’s night just to get enough sleep to make to that eight o’clock you don’t know why you register for. You meet a lot of different people, who some become your friends for a lifetime. You learn about yourself through the hard times and struggle. You learn about the sacrifices of doing something now versus later.

The Consequences

You have done the easy part, seating through many lectures, reading boring books, taking endless notes. You went on to complete another degree. Congratulations! You began looking for jobs, but now there are consequences. You have to tools to be successful, but you don’t have the experience needed to jump on board. You’re overqualified for entry level positions and you’re worth way more than the pay being offered. What do you do? I say take the job because you never know what could happened and when. Also, there’s debt- the ones you have to pay back. Some people aren’t fortunate enough to have a job either right after college or within six months of graduating, then Sallie Mae sends you your first bill without any hesitation. What do you do? Take a job paying minimum wage? See if you can go back to doing something while you were in college so you are able to pay this bill and the many others that comes with being an adult? Will we ever get out of those?

The benefits

Getting a degree can help lead to another road or avenue you have never thought of. It can open many doors with time. I had a brief conversation with one of my managers at work. I asked how did he get into a manager position. I thought everyone had to have a degree in something unless they worked their way up to that point. Long story short, he graduated with a psychology degree, but during his time in college, he was a waiter. He enjoyed getting tips while doing this. After college, he became a salesperson, enjoyed doing that for way. Later, he began his master degree as a counselor. I don’t think he finished, but he did say he had a lot of experience counseling and talking with people. And now, his job description states for him to talk to a lot of people. So although he is in the food industry, having a degree helped. Not saying he wouldn’t be where he’s at without a degree because it is still possible.

I’m not saying don’t get a degree because I have one.  I’m just saying there’s a price tag for every “delivery” or package you encounter in life. Make decisions, make mistakes, and have fun, but don’t make the same mistake twice because of the decisions you once decided to make.




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