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Hey You!

I would personally like to congratulate you on embarking this chapter of your life. As I was scrolling through Facebook, I had seen many of you starting different level of educational journey, like beginning college, grad school or children starting another year in school. Whether or not it’s a semester or simply a class, you are bettering yourself. With education being so important because of personal growth or advancing in job title, I wish you the best in what you are studying. We all have different goals and time frames of when we want to accomplish them, so why not congratulation you for sacrificing your sleep, your time watching television, or just doing something other than studying because it’s going to be worth it- this I promise you. And many people may not agree with you going back to school because it’s more debt you are adding, but you have to make some sacrifices in order to be a different person right? If there’s not a lot people supporting you, just know you have someone behind you, cheering you on, giving you that extra little push. There will be though times and rough nights, but it will all be worth it. Someone is looking up to you; you’re inspiring them now, later, or in the future. So please keep going when you start to question why you began in the first place.

For those in school, I hope you have an awesome semester or year.

For those starting a new craft, I hope you continue to have the same spark when the flames start to fade.

For those entering in a new management, don’t forget about those who are in the position you were once in. Do your job, but remain humble.

And for those still trying to figure things out, congratulations for not giving up when you have every right to. Keep going, you got it! You’re going to get there.


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2 thoughts on “Congratulations!!

  1. I found your blog via a post on Skylarity and I decided to check out your feed. I love this post and wish all new students a great year as well. However, whether we are enrolled in school or not, I hope we all take advantage of the opportunity to keep learning everyday.
    I followed your blog.


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