Words left unsaid

Hey You!

The words you’re about to read might make you shed a tear here and there but hold on till the end.

Have someone close to you passed away without saying their finals goodbyes? Have you ever wondered what they would have said if he or she would have gotten that chance? Well… here it goes.

Although my time here can stop at any minute, there is something I have to tell you. I want you to know I’m very proud of you. You’ve accomplished so much and you’re still going. I don’t know how. The challenges you face now are preparing you for something greater. I know you have heard that before, but it’s true. You know what l’ve been through and look where I’m at now. I didn’t get here without challenges and you’re not either. I want you to use my life as an example to do everything i didn’t do. Learn from my mistakes. Just promise me as life goes on you will always try no matter what. When people tell you no or you’re not going to make it in whatever you choose to do, simply say okay and find another way to get there. There’s many options, find what works best for you. If you have to get there in different levels, that’s okay but don’t give up. Remember you have people around who really cares about you, don’t be so hard on yourself and lean on them. At times, you might feel as if they don’t care, but they really do. They have their problems like yours. Please don’t shut them out.

I have to say thank you but also sorry because I know this is difficult for you although it’s very much difficult for me. We have been together ever since day one and often have our daily conversations when everyone is sleeping. I’m going to miss those. I have to be fast because the knock is getting louder and the light is getting brighter. On your most proudest days, I’m going to be there. You might see not me, but I’m there. The day you decide to have children I’m going to be there every step of the way. When you get start to get frustrated, I’m going to calm you down. You might not feel me, but i’m touching you. Those lonely nights when the tears won’t stop, I’m holding you. I’m still with you. When you feel a little breeze on a sunny day, that’s me simply saying hi. The tears are coming and they’re coming fast. I didn’t want to cry, but I have to say I don’t want to go not yet. I want to see you accomplish any and everything. I just want to be here with you. Just like you need me, I need you… I’m so sorry this is so short, but I have to go. I promise we will meet again and catch up like we never left. I love you for now and see you soon.


I’m sorry if you got a little emotional while reading this. One of my favorite person’s didn’t get to say goodbye to me. I’m pretty sure there were a lot of thoughts roaming around inside, but we wouldn’t have known. I don’t know if these are the exact words that would have been spoken, but I know there would have been some laughter along the way.

This is a touchy subject that we often push underneath the rug, so let’s talk.

How have you dealt with grief before or are you currently experience it? If you had something to say to someone who is no longer here, what would you say? If they didn’t get to say goodbye, what do you think they would say?


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