Bio: If you ever wanted to try something new and are scared to do it, I encourage you to take the leap of faith and just jump. There's two things that could happen, you could either fly or fall; but in both cases there is a learning opportunity. My name is Julia but people call me Julie. To me, writing hasn't always been my strong point, but somehow someway, I'm able to use it to encourage others - as well as you. I created this platform in 2014, which I didn't take it serious at the time. Because I only wrote here and there, I knew I could reach many if not one person if I only dedicated more time and effort. If you are looking for some motivation or inspiration, I encourage you to scroll up and down. I think you will enjoy one if not some. It's crazy how something that doesn't mesh easily together, ends up fitting so effortlessly. Well, life doesn't always hands you the sweet stuff, we have to deal with the bad too. Feel free to comment, like, and give feedback. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Err…not totally independent, so I think I’m really not. They still pay for my tuition but, I have my part time job and pay other bills like, internet bills. Lol.


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