I Just want to be successful

Hey You!

Some of us wants to be successful so bad that we will literally do anything. We are around a lot of successful people who seem to just get it without having much failure. That’s what we think? See, in our world today, we have various “focal” media – I say focal because people think what we see on social media about other people is the real thing – like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. We don’t see the long lonely nights, the failures, the start overs, and the try again. We don’t see the tears, the frustrations, the misunderstanding of family and friends, the notebooks of affirmations and a hopeful road map of success. We don’t see none of that! All we see are people that simply have it, with the constant imagination of how did he or she did it? Don’t forget that successful isn’t formed in a completely straight line. Success is like that strand of hair that doesn’t want to be tamed after trying to lay it down so many times. Or it’s like hitting the snooze button one more time to get an extra few minutes of sleep before you really have it get up. To me, success isn’t planned because anything can happen. Just because a person say they are going to be successful doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, at least not when they say it. You know why because many of us have the idea but we don’t know how to put those thoughts into action. Your ideas are free although your actions might have to pay a little. So you want to be successful right? Just how bad do you want it? The next time you think about wanting to be successful try these things:

  1. Do something different, break your normal routine. With the routine we have, this allows us to be comfortable, Now you know everything happens outside our comfort zone. If you always watch television, read a book. If you always go to bed late, go to be an hour early. If you find something that interest you, give it a try. What more could happen?
  2. Have someone you admire, ask them about what they do and how they do it. Conversations are a right tool to learning about someone. You have to ask those awkward questions… how did you overcome failure? How did you not let that stop you? If you could give one advice, what would that be? What can I learn from you? It might be intimidating at first because you don’t know what the person is thinking, but I bet they were in the same place you were.
  3. Have positive thoughts, it makes a difference. The mind is a powerful tool that allows a person to think negatively so easily. Don’t think about other people’s journey, think about your own. You are in no competition with anyone but yourself. Always remain focused on your ultimate goal.
  4. Listen to something motivational, there is someone out there worth listening to. Podcasts are a right way to get a person motivated about their success. When you are getting dress in the morning, listen a motivational speaker instead of listening to music. This will set the tone for the day. There are many ways to find these speakers, Youtube, Sound cloud, Apple podcasts and different areas.
  5. Have fun. Not everything is going to be glamour and gold, but it’s important to have fun in the process because that is when things will turn around for the better and become more enjoyable.  People want to see you having fun, which attracts attention.

Let’s have a conversation. What are you doing to become more successful in the future? If you have any setbacks or any discouraging thoughts that have made you think you can not be successful, how did you block them? Who inspires you to want to be a better person? You can be successful, just be willing to work hard when others party.