Let’s talk about… consistency

Hey You!

Today is a new day and a new month. I can’t believe we are officially three months within the new year. Where did January and February go? Some would say those are our trails months right? March is the month where we are focused, consistent, and hone our skills. I have to tell you a little a secret. As much as I like to do a lot of things and am accomplishing some them, I’m not very consistent with everything I do. The spark or anticipation that awaits when I have the idea of doing something dies quickly after I start them. So the things I want to do just sit in a holding state after it is executed, which is really bad because so much could prosper if we just stay consistent when things don’t go our way or become challenging.

Because this is day 1 of a new month, I’m challenging myself to stay consistent with blogging for the whole month of March. I know it’s going to be difficult, but I know I can do it if I just take each day one step at a time. When something becomes consistent in our life, we tend to keep at it to perfect any minor errors, which eventually creates a habit if I’m not mistaken.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, but once you start it, stick with it for a little while to see where you end up within two to three months time. Being consistent is what shows the different between someone being successful in the long run and someone being successful for a short time.

I challenge you to be consistent for the whole month for March. I know it’s not going to be peaches and cream, but there’s a reason for everything even if we don’t see it right now. So, let’s write down our goals for the month and see which ones we can execute effectively. For the ones we don’t accomplish, we will just carry them over onto April.

I would like to know what challenges you face with being consistent in different areas of your life. Let’s communicate and start a conversation!

Sending loves and hugs,