Stay quiet but keep moving

Hey you!

If you want do anything, you can simply achieve it! I say this because many people feel stuck in their current state of mind or situation. “I have to work this job in order for me to have this.”  “I don’t know how to do that because I wasn’t trained.” You don’t have to work a job that you dread everyday. It’s not healthy for you and the people around you. When you feel trapped in a place, it will eventually take a toll on you, which you might not see it but other people will. And you don’t have to be trained to do something, sometimes we have to learn as we go. The greatest leaders are lifetime learners. Always be willing to learn and grow. I always say allow the job you are at now to be a stepping stone for something else because it’s really temporary if you think about it. You can be the hardest worker, but your job doesn’t need you anymore, they can give you the boot. What will do from there. There are endless opportunities for you to become the next Steve Jobs or the next [insert your name here]. You never know what tomorrow will bring. The decision to simply try could and will open many doors. I commend entrepreneurs because they aren’t afraid to say yes when others tell them no. They aren’t afraid to fail, they aren’t afraid to feel or be lonely, etc because they know their circumstances are only temporary and something greater will eventually happen. You know all it takes is one time for something to happen and someone is a success story, whether if it’s you living in a car for a few years to being able to build your own house cash down. Okay, maybe this is a little extreme but it’s definitely possible. You are in control of your life, not anyone else. If tomorrow you wake up and want to be a writer or an artist, it can happen. But I also want you to know, nothing worth it comes easy. You are going to fail. You are going to go in the wrong direction. You are going to have a few or many setbacks, but you cannot give up. Life is not a linear equation. Things don’t always go up instantly. We have a lot of loop holes, a lot of doubts and fears.

Don’t be so quick to tell your “friends” what you are doing because they might congratulate you upfront but wish bad on you at the end of the day. Some people are stuck in their situation and want you to be stuck too. They don’t want you to pass them and make a living out of yourself.  Stay quiet and keep moving because not everyone needs to know what you are doing. This is your life. Not everyone wants to see you win. There are many successful people who have kept quiet about their moves and look where they are now. Somewhere different from where they used to be. Now, they are enjoying life.

Maturity taught me I have to make decisions for me and no one else. I’m allowed to be happy with the accomplishments I have achieved. I don’t need confirmation from anyone to do what I want to do. You can care for others but care for yourself too. Hard work and determination are the various keys to success. Not everyone will like you, not everyone will cheer you on. You are allowed to do anything as long as you are willing to work for it. Sometimes you have to stay quiet when you simply want to express yourself.

I challenge you to think about your goals. Are your friends really encouraging you without having ill intentions. Do you have to announce everything that is happening. Whenever is said and done, who is still in corner? How can you do something different that will have a greater impact on you tomorrow or years from now. Create a road map and conquer your dreams one plan at a time.

Sending loves and hugs,