I Just want to be successful

Hey You!

Some of us wants to be successful so bad that we will literally do anything. We are around a lot of successful people who seem to just get it without having much failure. That’s what we think? See, in our world today, we have various “focal” media – I say focal because people think what we see on social media about other people is the real thing – like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. We don’t see the long lonely nights, the failures, the start overs, and the try again. We don’t see the tears, the frustrations, the misunderstanding of family and friends, the notebooks of affirmations and a hopeful road map of success. We don’t see none of that! All we see are people that simply have it, with the constant imagination of how did he or she did it? Don’t forget that successful isn’t formed in a completely straight line. Success is like that strand of hair that doesn’t want to be tamed after trying to lay it down so many times. Or it’s like hitting the snooze button one more time to get an extra few minutes of sleep before you really have it get up. To me, success isn’t planned because anything can happen. Just because a person say they are going to be successful doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, at least not when they say it. You know why because many of us have the idea but we don’t know how to put those thoughts into action. Your ideas are free although your actions might have to pay a little. So you want to be successful right? Just how bad do you want it? The next time you think about wanting to be successful try these things:

  1. Do something different, break your normal routine. With the routine we have, this allows us to be comfortable, Now you know everything happens outside our comfort zone. If you always watch television, read a book. If you always go to bed late, go to be an hour early. If you find something that interest you, give it a try. What more could happen?
  2. Have someone you admire, ask them about what they do and how they do it. Conversations are a right tool to learning about someone. You have to ask those awkward questions… how did you overcome failure? How did you not let that stop you? If you could give one advice, what would that be? What can I learn from you? It might be intimidating at first because you don’t know what the person is thinking, but I bet they were in the same place you were.
  3. Have positive thoughts, it makes a difference. The mind is a powerful tool that allows a person to think negatively so easily. Don’t think about other people’s journey, think about your own. You are in no competition with anyone but yourself. Always remain focused on your ultimate goal.
  4. Listen to something motivational, there is someone out there worth listening to. Podcasts are a right way to get a person motivated about their success. When you are getting dress in the morning, listen a motivational speaker instead of listening to music. This will set the tone for the day. There are many ways to find these speakers, Youtube, Sound cloud, Apple podcasts and different areas.
  5. Have fun. Not everything is going to be glamour and gold, but it’s important to have fun in the process because that is when things will turn around for the better and become more enjoyable.  People want to see you having fun, which attracts attention.

Let’s have a conversation. What are you doing to become more successful in the future? If you have any setbacks or any discouraging thoughts that have made you think you can not be successful, how did you block them? Who inspires you to want to be a better person? You can be successful, just be willing to work hard when others party.




I Am a Product.

Here is a simple poem, I hope you enjoy!

I am a product of dedication and hard work.

A product of late nights, early mornings, restless nights.

I am a product of the unknown when the stairs seemed too much to climb.

A product of failures, not knowing which way to go.

I am a product of efforts and success.

I am a product of I’m doing fine, everything is okay.

A product of smooth, rich, brown skin.

I am a product of knowing Spanish but not speaking it.

A product of Cerebral palsy, of being considered disabled.

I am a product of asking random questions, but I’m not nosy.

A product of being laid back, real easy going.

I am a product of Hey, do you need help?

A product of breaking the norm,

I am a product of African music and Palm oil.

A product of rice and potatoes greens.

I am a product of try agains and can’t give ups.

A product of listening and being quiet.

I am a product of laughter and helping hands.

A product of music and dance.

I am a product of being short and looking young.

A product of books and papers.

I am a product of education and degrees.

A product of hope and fears.

I am a product of me and this is who I am.





A letter to my younger self

Hey Julia,

If you are reading this, I want you to know that life is not going to go as expected, but you will certainly adapt accordingly. You will work hard early on and continue to work hard until you are in the right place at the right time. You might be hesitant about some things in your life, but you will eventually become a person who will jump at opportunities on impose because you will know the more you think about something, the more you won’t do it.  However, there will be friendships where you will want to hold on as long as possible but those will eventually fade. You will learn to be strong in your most vulnerable state, always caring for others. Throughout the years, many people will come into your life, whether for a season or a reason and you will love them just for that. You will learn to appreciate life for what it is and not sweat the small stuff (this might take a long time to grasp). You will learn to eventually become carefree and free spirited. One day you will go off to school in a small town. You will fail, cry, but pick yourself back up again. It might take you a little longer to graduate, but you won’t let that stop you. During these years, you will meet some awesome people, travel many places, and fall in love with giving back. You will take risks (not too many). There will be a period in time where you will learn to love yourself, for all the flaws that you hated when you were growing up. People will love and value you for just the way you are. When you graduate from college, you will not obtained the degree you really want, but you will graduate with two. You will work the jobs you will be working. taking necessary classes in order to help you grow. You will be a dependable person in several people’s lives. You will have a way with money. You will have a gift of speaking positivity into others. You will encounter several different guys, which some will become good friends in the end. You will learn that keeping up with people is very important to you and try to stay connected with many. You will be a lover of music and signing. It will seem like work will consume your life for a little bit, but you will find a balance, don’t worry. There will be a significant loss in your life; you will take this hard but you will find a way to continue on. Later on in life, you will learn to take risks and trust the process. You will be a blessing in someone’s life. You will simply love you.


24 years old Julie.

Just my thoughts

I love you so much, that I feel empty without you. I yearn for your laughter, your touch, your wisdom that have left us so soon. At the end of the weekday, I will be another year older, but the pain still remains. You’re here, but not here to physically tell me happy birthday. I’m getting sadder, a little madder, and a little empty. Hearing you say that everything will be alright will make a difference. I know that He’s holding you real close, or you’re enjoying this time with your parents. Images keep playing in the mind, every bit of action that occurred. The words pierce, as I hear there’s nothing I or we can do. It’s difficult living in this lonely with just memories, that were once filled with many words. I will miss you sending me sweet messages that brighten my day.  I don’t want the tears to fall because the pain will come to life. I sit with a smile as my thoughts consume me day in and day out. This pain won’t leave, although sometimes I feel like I’m fighting it. I don’t want to fight because my emotions with fight me, even harder. I confided in a person or persons. Each one takes the my pain, allowing me to heal with each and every time. See, I think I’m scared, I think I’m going to break beyond my control.  I feel empty inside, that I let my words and thoughts consume me. I miss your wisdoms, your touch, and your laughter. I love you so much

A new beginning, a different chapter

Hey you!

I started another semester today and I forgot how it felt to take “normal” classes. I was able to take a nap again. I didn’t have to set an alarm to get up and go study; I just slept until I wanted to get up, which was awesome.

Reality set in when I had my Spanish classes, and my professor spoke mainly Spanish. I don’t speak fluently, so most of the time I get lost trying to translate in my head while trying to listen. But I know this semester I will gain some new vocabulary and will be able to express myself more. I’m excited because I’m doing my second option. I have to emerge myself in this language in order for me to be really fluent. And I’m going to be writing more, so I will be a little stronger with my grammar skills. I’m excited but nervous, not because I have to work hard, but because I have to play catch up.

My other classes seemed okay. I think I am going to like my them. I don’t think it’s going to be too though for me, but I always accept a challenge anyways.

Just wanted to give you a quick update.

Challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone, you never know what you might discover. A new page is always being written.

Life gave me lemons, but I’m making tea

Hey you!

I haven’t been making lemonade with the lemons that I have been given. I say this because in life things are always different from what you “expect” it to be. And
I say “we” because we (you and I) go through life thinking of this perfect plan only for it to not work out in reality. With the lemons i’ve been given, somehow, somewhere tea is forming. Yes, tea. So I’ve finally got some classes for the Spring, and I am taking 2 physical education classes, upper level at that, along with 2 Spanish, and 1 health promotion class. Here is my tea because my lemons that was suppose to make some lip licking lemonade didn’t work. Now,I have tea, which I will make very good and drink every drop. I’m nervous about life because things work out, then things change. I’m adapting outwardly, but inwardly is still adjusting.

Life isn’t always going to be picture perfect, and if it is for you, I would love to listen. My tea is looking good, but I do enjoy drinking lemonade. I have to tell myself that things are sometimes unexplainable, which is absolutely fine. This is for you and I, don’t give up because your expectations wasn’t was it was.

Something beautiful is waiting to be created, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Do something different and make someone smile.

Saying no

Happy new year to you. I hope this year brings unexpected adventures, in a good way… Do you constantly say yes, knowing that you are actually saying “no” in your head? I have been working constantly, even on my days off. I don’t get to work frequently because of school, I try to get as much hours as I can when I’m home. And sometimes it’s hard for me to say no when staff is short, and someone is needed. I know how it felt to work when we are short and work had to keep going because we had mouth to feeds…

Don’t be afraid to say no because your body has to rest too. Often times, when you let your mental state controls your physical state, which isn’t balance, things start to go wrong. So if your aren’t the person to say no, try to say no more. It’s good to keep yourself in control and have some “me” time. My phone rang this morning, but I had to let it ring because I need a day to breathe and let my feet rest. When I let my phone ring that was me saying no, but you can say no to people in your life too. Not because it is a new year and everyone wants a new start, I’m saying you should say no because it will make you feel good, just try it and let me know how you felt.

Side notes: I’m going to try writing more. I know my blogs is not on a consistent topic, but if I write more, I think I can become a better writer, which is my goal. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and bless week.

“A detour is not a deadend”

So I guess reality has finally hit me that I have to take a detour. Do I want to? No. Do I have to? right now, I think this is the best thing I can do. Having to register for classes that never really crossed my mind is kind of overwhelming. I feel like I have to venture completely off the path that the worked so hard to find and stay on. Even though I have a passion for Spanish and a love for the language. i have to admit that my speaking skills are not where it needs to be. I had not prepare myself for the unwanted outcome. I thought I was going to work hard, and everything will work out the way it is suppose to – I was completely wrong. I am giving myself an extra year to complete my new plan of majoring both in Spanish and Health Promotion, which will help me in the long run. I just keep thinking of the time that I have invested and everyone who is graduating, then there is just me… poor little Julia who is still in college. Can I just start over, please?

Although I have been internally bummed out about the outcome of the semester, I am thankful that I have experienced this because I think God was testing me. For some reason, I could feel it throughout the semester; I just did not want to face the facts. I tried to stay positive throughout the whole thing, which is absolutely fine, but it hit me really hard… I mean really really hard. I could not process anything. And I felt like a failure. What am I suppose to do with all of the classes that I have taken, especially the science classes. Too much money and time have gone to this specific degree, and I have to take detour? Come on… a detour? To be honest, I felt like people did not care about me or my feelings at the moment in time. Everyone kept saying “it is going to be okay?” – I really hate this phrase although I use it often. How do you know it is going to be alright, and what if it is not alright? Then what?

I tell myself I am over it, but I do not think I am fully over it… maybe because the wound is still fresh and still hurts. I have to emerge myself in work to not think about it. I have to sleep to help my body recover from this crucial semester. But one thing for sure, I gave my first shot to a real person; I was able to build my confidence throughout the semester; I was able to give medications; I learned how to put an intravenous line in a hand; most importantly, I learned to not give up when the wind is blowing me in the opposite direction. I learned how to sacrifice something I really love, like sleep, for something I really want.

To conclude my ramble, because I am taking this other route, that does not mean I have to give up on my dreams completely, I just have to refocus and start again. I am taking different route to get me back on path.