Are you hitting the snooze button on your goals?

Hey you!

This have been on my mind for a few days now, maybe because this relates so close to me. We all have goals or plans that are scattered in our heads or written out somewhere. Well, I have goals, many of them to be exact. I don’t know how I plan to accomplish them all, but I know I have to get them done, even if that means a few months or a year from now.

My goals for this year are very broad and very specific. I do them that way, so I won’t feel too bad about me not accomplishing some of them when I reflect on them later. Although I wrote my goals down at the end of 2017, I have been hitting the snooze button on some of them. For example, I plan on going to nursing school. This have been a goal of mine for the longest. I mean the longest. I graduated back in 2016. Yes, little me holds a bachelor’s degree, but I plan on using those with my nursing degree, so I have put them on the back burner for now. So, last year I was on the steady momentum of getting things done. I had everything planned out (in my head) of what I need to do to progress. Some time in September, I took an entry exam in order to get into a program I was looking at. As I said, I was very determined. I thought I had prepared myself enough, having much confidence of knowing I was going to pass. Well reality hit me in the face and I failed. I was devastated because I was sure I did better than expected. It’s because of that and the fear of failing that I’m constantly hitting the snooze button on this dream of mine. You know with the snooze button, you have about 10 minutes to hold off on whatever needs to get done, then the alarm sounds getting you back to reality.  And we, I especially, get comfortable hitting the snooze button because I know I will get there eventually. Have anyone ever been there?

If you constantly hit the snooze button on your goals, how long will it take you to accomplish them. Imagine if we just do all the things we say we were going to do the first time, without procrastinating, where would we be? We are all serious about accomplishing something, if not anything, we just have to learn how to take the step.

Let’s talk for a minute. How many things have you put on hold because you were scared you weren’t going to succeed? I will be the first to say there are 4 things or even more. Then I look at all the people who are where I want to be and ask how did they get there? Not by hitting the snooze button time and time again. Here’s a challenge, the next time you think about your dreams, don’t be so quick to hold them off because you can actually succeed with a little patience and elbow grease. Promise yourself not to wait and just do it.